Rainy Saturday Deliberations

I was going to attend some Earth Day festivities at Budapest Park, but Mother Nature had a different plan. I guess I could go for a quick bike ride, but it’s raining and cooold. I’m such a wuss.

Instead, I’ll vacuum the apartment, bake some banana bread, start Three Day Road, shower and then head up to Sneaky Dee’s for some yummy nachos. I HAVE to convince someone to share the King’s Crown with me. I NEED them. But there’s no way I could eat them all. D’oh!

This morning there was a knock at my door. My first reaction was, “Neighbour, go away!” (since he’s bothered me in the past about various things), but when I opened the door there were two strange men waiting. I was in the middle of breakfast, so I had egg on a bagel residue on my hands, but I shook the guy’s hand anyways when the one introduced himself as my new landlord. They asked if there were any problems I wanted to discuss- I said, come on in. I showed them the TWO leaks in my bedroom ceiling, the damaged carpet, the closet doors, the windows I can’t open, and I told them about the animals in the ceiling. They said they were going to address most of these issues soon, starting with the leaks.

So now- I have a decision to make… if they fix all of these problems, do I stay here? Or is the neighbourhood too shitty to bare, even in a nice apartment. My plan was to move into a large apartment with a couple friends in June, but now I don’t know what to do. Much deliberation must take place! I like living on my own- most of the time. But I do like having people around me, too. Once all the problems are fixed in this place, the only thing that would bug me is the street (of which there’s absolutely nothing to be done) and the fact that I have to haul my bike upstairs everyday. I’ve also already told my friends I was moving in… so I’m not even sure if it’d be kosher to back out on that. I’m thinking I’m just gonna make the move, but I’m not 100%… Meh… what do you think??


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