Another Mexican!

Or should I say, another Latina!! LOL! Anyways… last night I met up with a bunch of Maria‘s blogging buddies to welcome Daniella, a family friend from Mexico. She’s moving up to Toronto to go to school in the fall, so she’s visiting now to find a place to live and check out U of T. We gathered at the Duke of York, I think mostly because of its proximity to the school. Maria wanted to show Daniella some of the places she could hang out when she gets here.

Highlights of the dinner were the confusion over the extensive varieties of whiskeys, the mating phones, Jen’s brave order of the “Chicken Sink”, and listening to the various languages being spoken around the table. With just the couple people sitting around me, there was Spanish (obviously), French, German, Dutch, a bit of Frisian, Filipino… oh, and English. It was pretty cool!

We were all disappointed that Roger, Daniella’s seeing-eye dog (oh yeah, she’s blind), wasn’t able to make it. Dawgs are cute, but Daniella was charming on her own! She’s outgoing and funny and beautiful- I think she’ll do well here in Toronto… Welcome Daniella!!


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