Crazy How Small the World Really Is…

Besides the fact that I’m currently reading 2001: A Space Odyssey (with all of it’s black holes and star gates and moons of Saturn and whatnot- reminding me just how small planet Earth is in the grand scheme of things), I just got word of an old friend of mine- Adam Matak. Apparently, he’s been living in Toronto since 2002. I found him on Torontoist– he’s submitted a piece of his art for the Framework Foundation’s Timeraiser event this year. Last I heard, he was living in Oakville, working on his animation degree at Sheridan… that was in 1996!!!

Adam and I met at a youth leadership conference back in high school- when he was living in Wallaceburg. He then hooked up with my friend Sheila in Windsor for a couple years. And now I find out that he’s living in Toronto! I should try to get a hold of him… he’s frickin’ hilarious. And an excellent artist, to boot.

On my magnet board, beside my desk at home, there’s a yellowed, crinkly sticker in the shape of a maple leaf with a cartoon face on it- Adam gave me this back at the youth conference. I’ve come close to losing this little piece of paper on numerous occasions (I have moved half-a-dozen times since then), but it sticks with me! I love it, and although I see it everyday, I haven’t actually thought of the maker in a long time. Thanks Torontoist! It’s so good to see that Adam is doing well!


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