Frustrating as All Get Out.

All I want to do is add a link to the sidebar on this page that leads you to my photoblog. Kinda like the one that’s there, but with an actual thumbnail of my latest photo. Sounds easy, eh? Well it’s not. It’s frustrating as hell, and I can’t seem to get any help from my photoblog host. Dammit!

Also- I don’t understand why I can’t see my personal info (visit my profile, etc.) when viewing my blog on Internet Explorer, and sometimes the links are either missing or all the way down at the bottom of the page. What the hell??

I’d also like to know how to delete my blog title from the page, without renaming my blog “[nothing]”. I want to create a new header, but I think the words “blurty blurt blurt” will show up over anything I make. BAH!!!


3 thoughts on “Frustrating as All Get Out.

  1. Hey, I just went to < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Kelly’s<> site. She’s got something like that but with her Flickr site.

  2. Hey Kari. Now that I understand what it is you want to do I think I can help you. Just have to find the time. Strange that I’m replying here instead of email… Web 2.0? ^-^

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