Shoes and Sushi… a winning combination.

The blogging theme for the week is NEW SHOES. Check out the pics I took of Maria’s new kicks.

Tonight after work Bex and I met up for some shoe shopping. I’ve been talking about buying some Chuck’s (Chuck Taylor‘s Classic Converse Sneakers) for a couple months now, so we decided on Get Outside– which has the widest variety of Chuck’s to choose from (in my experience). There were SO many colours, but I narrowed it down to some brown slip-ons, a pink pair, and a super classic pair of off-white sneaks with a blue and red stripe. Well- the brown ones were deceiving because there are eyelets for shoelaces, but you’re not supposed to wear laces with them. I thought that was silly. The pink ones were falsely advertised because the display pair were nicely faded, and the actual shoes were bright pink- almost neon! SO- I got the off-white pair, and I’m thoroughly satisfied.

A couple stores east of Get Outside, there was a grand opening sale at one of those nameless shoe stores (it has a name, I just don’t know what it is- WAIT- the receipt will tell me- Grey Stone Shoes- what a strange name…) Buy one pair, get a second pair FREE! Well- come on now. So I bought this super cute pair of copper sling backs and this embellished slipper look-alike. Both are extremely comfortable, perfect for summer, and entirely appropriate for work. Meh- I really am a grown up.

Look at the cutie-petutie in the background! Oh, and the red rug is Queenie’s play toy- which is why it’s covered with her fur!

Afterwards, we traveled up Spadina to Chinatown, where Bex bought another pair of shoes. That makes four new pairs of shoes for her in one shopping trip! She got a sweet pair or Royales at Get Outside, a Jem-inspired pair of hot pink pumps (truly outrageous), a funky pair of super embellished kitten heels and some sexed up red pumps. All in all- a very successful shoe shopping extravaganza!

Finally, we hit Sushi Time (which has moved BTW- but only about 10 doors east). Yummy Golf boxes filled with tempura, teriyaki, rice, goyza, salad, miso and salmon and cucumber rolls. SO good. The new restaurant looks amazing…


5 thoughts on “Shoes and Sushi… a winning combination.

  1. chucks=hipwatch out for dog poo with all those new shoes!!i have seen an increase in the amount of human feces on queen street in the last few months.WATCH OUT!

  2. I am wearing my sparkly blue ones today. They are sooo comfortable and cute! Goooo new shoes!I agree with Stef, there seems to be an excess about of poo on the streets these days. It frickign sucks and smells.

  3. ok, dog poo is one thing but MOUNDS of people poo??? what is wrong with people??and don’t ask me, how do you know it is not dog poo..NO DOG POOS LIKE A HUMAN!

  4. Yeeeaaahhhh… you can just tell. Once, when I was little (like, 3-4), I couldn’t make it to the toilet in time, and I blamed it on the dog (poodle named Babette). Needless to say, my parents did NOT believe me. Too funny.

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