Internet Tips from Windsor

Johnny Mac showed me this sweet site where you can download almost any movie trailer:

Chris H. told me about the BOINC program that you can sign up to, and when you leave you’re computer on standby, it lets you donate your unused computing power to scientific research projects such as SETI (Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence), SIMAP (Similarity Matrix of Proteins) and the World Community Grid. It’s run by Berkeley University and it’s super easy- you just download the software and select which projects you want to help out!

“You can participate in more than one project, and you control how much of your computing power goes to each project. If you participate in several projects, your computer will be kept busy even when one project has no work.”

Apparently, over one million computers have now contributed processing power to BOINC projects, and you’re credited (partially, I’m sure) for any discovery made on your computing time. I think this is a fantastic idea- I’m going to starting working for SETI and!

Lastly, Dan told me about this guy named Skydaddy, who composes some cool music and offers it free for download from his website. We listened to a bit of it yesterday in the car (Dan had it burned to CD), and it’s pretty good- eccentric, chaotic, meaningful- everything you’d expect from a “labour of love” musician. Unfortunately, all I can find on the net is this… which isn’t much. Ah well!


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