Long Weekend in Windsor

Ahhhh… I’m sitting in my best friend Stacey’s boyfriend’s beautiful kitchen, listening to Venus by Air (and the sound of Chris vaccuuming downstairs- now THAT’S a quality bf), my belly full of yummy “Gladys inspired” breakfast casserole, checkin’ out my online community on Stacey’s fabulous laptop (I needs to get me one of these!). We’re just getting ready to go to the go0d ole’ Devonshire Mall where I’m going to buy some Chuck Taylor’s (if they have some good colours to choose from).

I used to hate Windsor. It’s a small, blue-collar, close-minded city of 209,000 people, but after living in Toronto for almost three years, I’m realizing it still has its charms. I miss my friends, my family. I miss the lack of homeless people (not saying there aren’t any, they’re just not so apparent), and how clean it is. And the rent is CHEAP.

If Henry’s opens a store in Windsor, I think that I would try to get a job there. The only problem would be- I’d have to get a car. There’d be no way around it. So- that’s a con, for sure. Some other cons of Windsor- the americans, the pollution, the cancer rate, the lack of culture. I can successfully avoid the first, and help the cause of the last. But I can’t escape the middle two. Alas.

And here’s a photo of the smushiest, cutest kitty in the world! His name is Oliver.

Here’s a ghost train we saw at Memorial Park. The CP Rail train was going very slow- eerily slow. The whole park was pretty creepy, but I felt safer there than I do walking down my street in Parkdale!


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