Breakfast at… errr… dinner at Nestor and Tims!

The book club meeting last night was really good- thanks to new member Gabriella, some phenomenal bean burgers by Tim and entertainment provided by Baby, the fat cat with the sweetest smushiest face in the world!

The menu included martinis (of which Holly Golightly and the narrator shared prior to 11am on the morning of her arrest), apples (eaten by Holly at the beginning of the story) with peanut butter (sent to Holly’s brother Fred in the army), burgers (because Holly and Mr. O’Shaughnessy always met at Burger Heaven) with tabouleh (uh- just because it goes good with burgers- it did have tomatoes in it- so there’s the connection- Sally Tomatos are my favourite!), with lemon meringue pie for dessert (I really don’t remember the connection there… but it was yummy!)

The book discussion went well I think. The only discussion questions I could find were here, so I skimmed through and asked the tougher ones, to keep the conversation going. I think my favourite question was, “What language is spoken in Brazil?” That sparked a whole other discussion on the words “Latino” and “Latina”, and whether or not Nestor (who is Chilean) and Maria (Mexican) could be classified as such. Maria was infuriated, of course, since these aren’t even real words!! Maria’s so cute when she gets angry- she uses the eff word like it’s a fluffy knee-high moccasin (going out of style)!

All in all, another successful book club meeting. Next month’s book is my pick- FINALLY! I chose Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while, and when I saw that it was out in paper back already, I figured I’d suggest it!


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