I went to Dominion to pick up a pie for tonight’s book club meeting, but then though- wait, I bet I can get a really nice one at the Market (St. Lawrence). So I headed over there, and saw some yummy fruit salads, tried to buy one only to find out that I don’t have my wallet! No pie fo me!!

I really really really really really hope it’s on the kitchen table at home (I switched backpacks this morning). Luckily, I have nice co-workers who lend me money for pie and TTC tokens!! Phew!


5 thoughts on “Disconcerting…

  1. I read about your change purse… that sucks! Mostly about the stone I think… I did find my wallet- it was stuck “in the shadows” of my other backpack! Phew!

  2. hmm i wasn’t too upset about the stone. i had used it for a purpose so to me, it was basically i no longer needed it. so..now i can cleanse it.glad you found your wallet!

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