Weekend Update with Kari…

Not too much happened this weekend. Friday I hummed and hawed about going to this Toronto photography meet up, but I ended up passing, since I wasn’t going to know anybody else there.

Saturday the plan was to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Capote (5 points to whoever can tell me the correlation between those two- if you’re in the book club you don’t qualify), but I didn’t feel like watching them by myself. Maria had invited me to the Flatiron for some NTN and Julia invited me to a house party, so I went to the houseparty with the intention of meeting up with Maria later. Well- Maria was on her way home to bed by the time I called her, so I just went home too! The houseparty was… interesting. People playing video games and making out on the couch. Not the sort of party I’m used to (not the sort of party I’ve been used to since I was about 17!) But it was fun hanging with Julia, Kevin and Nestor (and I finally met Tim).

Sunday was relaxing… watched the movies (alas, by myself), went for a walk and took some photos, pigged out on Doritos and played around on the computer. The movies were both really good. B@T’s was cute, for a movie made in the 60s. I don’t normally like old movies all that much, but it was definitely interesting comparing the movie to the book. The book was way better (as is always the case)- deeper and more thoughtful… the ending of the movie was completely different! Capote was amazing. Phillip Seymor Hoffman blows my mind everytime I see him in a movie. He’s the best actor out there, I think.

Anyways- that’s all for now!


11 thoughts on “Weekend Update with Kari…

  1. he shows up in the most surprizing of moviesBooggie NightsMagnoliaHappinessthere is one that every time i watch it, i forget that he is in it and then i’m like “WHOA! I LOVE HIM” and now, don’t you know, ican’t remember the damn movie!

  2. I agree with you about Hoffman. I haven’t seen Capote yet, but it’s on my short list of must-sees. I loved B.A.T. Hepburn was such a sex kitten…

  3. OOohhhh- I liked Capote. Why do you think it sucked (if you come back to read this)?? I haven’t read In Cold Blood, so I can’t compare it to the book at all, but from an ignorant movie viewer standpoint, I thought it was very good. And like I said, Seymor Hoffman was amazing.

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