EnvisionToronto… check this out!!

Mike L. reminded of this cool website. It’s a (nother) photo sharing site, but this one is unique in that it’s geographically based. It’s a big map of the GTA, and when you post your photos a marker is added to the map! It’s definitely interesting. Apparently it’s for a Ryerson New Media student’s thesis… a great idea! Here’s the link:



6 thoughts on “EnvisionToronto… check this out!!

  1. Stop breaking things! Naw I’m just kidding. There’s a few things I need to add (like the ability to let you move a photo to a different location). Thanks for posting! Much appreciated 🙂

  2. I are be the maker btw :). And thanks, I think I did pretty well in my critique, waiting to hear back on the grade! Im surprised at the sudden influx of visitors since last thursday…the site quitened down for 2 weeks…and BOOM! Where are all you guys coming from? 😀

  3. Well- like I said, my friend Mike reminded me about it (I’d seen it a while ago- linked from somewhere), and he probably told a bunch of people. I blogged about it, and then Torontoist mentioned it, and LOTS of people read that site. Word spreads quick on the internet!I knew you were the maker, but I wasn’t sure if you’d come back to read my response or not!

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