Breakfast Review #5… Yasi’s Place

Again, I’ve procrastinated.

A couple of weeks ago James and I met up at Dufferin Station to find a place for breakfast. I had Julia‘s wedding shower to go to in High Park at 2pm, so we decided to meet halfway between there and James’ new place in Forest Hill. We headed west on Bloor, positive that we would find some hidden gem of a diner amidst the furniture wholesalers and pizza joints. But every restaurant we walked by was either closed, or for “private members only”. I still don’t get that…

We gave up the walking tour and called Beth, who lives in the neighbourhood. We knew she’d be able to recommend a good place, and we weren’t disappointed! She told us to walk up Lansdowne ’til we got to Wallace (where we passed this tricycle, oddly enough), hang a left, and walk ’til we saw a cute little corner shop called Yasi’s Place. It didn’t look like much from the outside, but as soon as we sat down at a table inside and saw the HUGE jars of spices lining one wall, I knew we were in for a great breakfast.

The place was packed tight with tables and bar stools around an old-school diner bay; we took a seat next to the window. It seems we got there at just the right time, because half an hour later the place was packed. And everyone there was, dare I say, über cool. The staff were extremely nice (they even gave me two bandages for my blisters- I told you we took a walking tour!) The cook was tall, handsome and wearing a kerchief, apron and an Elgin Street Diner tee (which is apparently one of the best diners in Ottawa).

The menu is full of unique vegetarian selections and reads:

“As a small community café, Yasi’s Place is committed to supporting other small businesses and local farmers while trying to meet the needs of the community. While not all of the foods we serve are wholly organic, we try to purchase our goods with an awareness of our impacts on the environment and local economies.”

I ordered grilled guacamole, red onion and cheese sandwich with potatoes. It had a cool, obscure name, but because I’m an idiot and dilly-dallyer, I’ve forgotten the name of it. It was something like Uncle Bob’s Cousin. Anyways- it was amazing. And the potatoes were so tasty- there aren’t even words. Mushy, curry, goodness. There- that’s the best I can do!

I figured it would be expensive, since it was known for it’s organic and vegan meals, but it wasn’t too bad at all. The atmosphere was great, and the decor was cool. Artwork hung on the walls, the sun shone in the big storefront windows, and each of the barstools had an original seat to it.

SO- on a scale of 1 to 5. I’ll give the service a 5. The food a 5. The atmosphere a 4.5. (half a point off for crampiness, but I’m learning that’s a given in a good Toronto diner). Cleanliness a 5. Cost a 4. Overall- Yasi’s Place gets a 23.5 out of 25!

Plus there was the cutest dawg in the world outside, enjoying the sunshine…


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