Ride West

Sunday morning James, Oriana and I went to Sneaky Dee’s for some breakfast (sweet, sweet guacamole), and after that I decided to go for a nice long bike ride. It started off pretty chilly, but you know how it gets- once you’re moving along, you warm up pretty fast. I ended up all the way at that bridge past Sunnyside Park. I don’t even know what that bridge is called. Anyways- I couldn’t feel my hands or legs by the time I got back home, but it felt great to be out on my bike.

There was this guy building rock sculptures on the beach. He had probably 12 completed sculptures lined up along the breaker rocks, and he said he’d only been there for about an hour. It was pretty cool. He said it was relaxing for him and I can definitely see why. Focusing your mind on nothing but balancing one rock on top of another. Blissful simplicity.

*sigh* That’s what I need right now!

… time for bed.


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