Breakfast Review #4… Mitzi’s Cafe

This should’ve been written a loooong time ago, but what can I say- sometimes I’m a slacker.

A couple weeks ago, James I met up for breakfast at the original Mitzi’s Cafe, up at Sauroren and Pearson. It was a beautiful day; it had been raining all night but the sun was shining that morning. I decided to walk there, even though I was horribly hung over. I figured the walk would do me good. It didn’t, but the breakfast certainly made me feel 110% better!

I arrived a few minutes before James (as per the usual), so I reserved a table for two and waited outside. There really isn’t anywhere to wait inside, so I was lucky it was a nice Sunday morning. The place is very small- I’ve been told the place was a corner store before it was a restaurant. I don’t think it should be any bigger, though. It’s the epitome of quaint. The very definition of cozy. From the big purple door inviting me in to the mismatched but oh-so-appropriate Formica tables and vinyl chairs, the butter-coloured paint on the walls and the hand-written chalkboard menu; the fact that there are cafes like this reminds me how cool Toronto really is.

I had homemade granola served over vanilla yogurt with lots of fresh fruit. I thought the granola was maybe slightly overdone (then again, I’ve never had homemade granola before), but the fruit and yogurt was exactly what you expect it to be- refreshing and energizing. And the presentation was very nice! James had an omelette with shiitake mushrooms and rapini with a lemon mustard drizzle. He said it was amazing, even though he didn’t know what rapini was (I guess it’s kind of like broccoli?) I didn’t feel up to a coffee, but it looked and smelt wonderful.

SO- on a scale of 1 to 5. I gave the service a 3.5 (the place was super busy, though, and there was obviously only one server). The food a 4.5. The atmosphere a 5. Cleanliness a 5. Cost a 2 (I knew the prices were the same as Mitzi’s Sister, which is fairly high). Overall- Mitzi’s Cafe and Gallery gets a 20 out of 25!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Review #4… Mitzi’s Cafe

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  2. “the fact that there are cafes like this reminds me how cool Toronto really is.”dont forget who told you about the place,that guy who reminds you how cool parkdale can be.oh… the post above me is spam, so come edit

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