A Mellow Weekend…

I stayed in most of this weekend, which was just what I needed. I finally got my website working, and got in some good visitation time with Queenie (my kitty).

St. Patrick’s Day was a little disappointing, only because we weren’t feeling the karaoke at the Gladstone, and once we got to the Rhino, I was super tired. I left the bar at like, 11:30!! I’m such a loser! However, the musicians on before karaoke were awesome! Genuine Irish jig music… it was so fun!

Saturday I spent some time with Stef, at her content sale. She sold quite a few things, but there’s still lots more cool stuff up for grabs. I’m pretty sure she’s opening her doors again next Saturday:

I rented two movies on Saturday night. The first, Gus Van Sant’s Last Days, apparently chronicles the last few days of Kurt Cobain. So, they got an actor to grow his hair out, wear some black lingerie, put black eye liner on and stagger around effed out of his head for two hours (I actually only got through the first 45 minutes). I’m sure the movie got a little more interesting, but I’ll never find out.

The second, Rent, was everything I expected it to be- a heart-wrenching musical with cheesy songs sung by cheesy actors. It was good as far as musicals go (nothing like Miss Saigon or Les Mis), but i’m sure it was WAY better on Broadway. As far as I’m concerned, movies never live up to the books and musicals they’re based on. I must admit; I did cry at the end, and I did have “five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes” stuck in my head for a good time after.

Today, I watched Bride and Prejudice with James (for his class at York). Man, Bollywood is crazy! So over the top. It’s a genre within itself, and I’m sure that B&P is high up on the list of best BW flicks.

And I got my other website going!


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