A Crazy Saturday Night…

All of Saturday was very interesting. It started out with a splitting headache, left over from the night before. No… it’s not because I was drinking! It was a pressure headache; the weather was so crazy! I haven’t had a headache like that in a loooong time. Anyways- I obliterated it with ibuprofen, because Bex and I had plans to go for a walk and shoot some photos.

We walked down to the lake, around the Peace Memorial, along the waterfront, up Jameson, along Queen, through some side streets north of Queen, and then stopped at Thai Spring Rolls for some lunch. Best damn Pad Thai I’ve ever had. I’m not exagerating one bit! Saucey and sweet… YUM!

On the way home, we ran into Bo Bubnich- Dog Trainer and Walker extraordinaire- you may have seen him around, he’s the one in the modified wheelchair with three gorgeous Huskies leading him. They’re great dogs! And Bo is super nice. It was a pleasure to meet him.

Saturday night started with drinks at Bex’s place, and then we headed over to The Drake to watch her boss’ band, Madrid, play a set. There are more pictures of their show to be seen here. We also got to see Fjord Rowboat. Both bands were excellent. It ends up I know the lead singer from Fjord Rowboat- a friend of a friend from highschool- I’ve been to his apartment and everything! Such a small world- as I’m continually reminded this week (this guy James T. who I met a couple weeks ago just met my friend Maria, with no prompting from me- it’s all about Rannie!!)

The plan was to Shake our Tail Feathers after the show, but the line up at Stones Place was a bit excessive, so we ended up at Rhino. The Rhino is the best place to “end up”. I’ve never had a shitty time there. After that we chilled at Mike‘s place til around 5am, at which time I teetered home (at at fairly quick pace, it is Parkdale after all).

Needless to say, Sunday was a rough morning. However, I had shit to do. I dragged my butt out of bed, met up with James A. at the original Mitzi’s Cafe for breakfast (review to come), then down to a TPMG event, then some shooting time along King West, then for nachos and beer with Maria and Julia at Hemingway’s, THEN home to my bed. *sigh* I’m getting to old for this!

What?? NEVER!!!

This is a long post… sorry guys.


5 thoughts on “A Crazy Saturday Night…

  1. I think that’s why James went though, because Rannie was there? Was Rannie even there?? I don’t know… I’m confused. I’ll ask James when we go for lunch tomorrow.

  2. Maria is correct. I went for Clara!!! 🙂Maria, I’m BlogStocking you! (I just coined that now. Damn, I’m good)Kari, thanks for lunch. Nice pics here, btw. I want in on the next walkabout!JT

  3. I’ll definitely let you know the next time I plan to shoot about the city. When it’s WARMER!! But you should definitely come to the Scavenger Hunt on the 26th…

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