$100 for two hours of discussion? Hell yeah!

I bet if you google “focus group, microsoft, toronto” you’ll get at least 20 hits. Let’s find out shall we?

*ctrl c; new tab; cntrl v*

Okay, so maybe not. I just figured that would pick up on some of the 50-odd bloggers that were called together for a focus group up in North York on Wednesday. The client was Microsoft, and they were testing out some new software. It was pretty cool. I kinda felt like I was at a seminar on “How to Use Microsoft Live”, but it was definitely interesting to see the new advertising techniques they’ve been thinking of.

The funniest part of the evening was when the interviewer guy- John, his name was- gave Mac as an example of a possible advertisement. I laughed out loud, and so did he… it was pretty funny. And there were people there that write numerous blogs in each day, and have like, more than five email addresses that they check constantly. I can hardly find time for one blog! Okay, well- two now.

It was a pain in the ass travelling all the way up there, but three hours of my time paid for more than half of my new shoes, so… it was worth it!


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