The cut of my jib…

I remember, last summer, we crashed this party and this guy kept saying to me, “I like the cut of your jib,” and I was like, “HOW DARE HE!?!” I fully thought he was insulting me! People tried to explain it to me, and I still didn’t get it.

NOW I get it. LOL. Bex just reminded me of it, and it’s hilarious now that I think of it.

BTW- the party was lame, and the guy was too young.


5 thoughts on “The cut of my jib…

  1. Cut of His/Her JibIn the days of sailing ships, nationality and rigs could often be distinguished by ther jibs. A Spanish ship, for example, had a small jib or none at all. Large French ships often had two jibs and English ships normally had only one.From ships, the phrase was extended to apply to men. The nose, like the jib of a ship arriving in harbor, is the first part of the person to arrive at a designated place. Figuratively, it implies the first impression one makes on another person.Luckily he didn’t say you were three sheets to the wind!

  2. or…..The ‘cut’ of a jib refers to the sail trim. If a sail is too slack it will ‘luff’ in the wind, and if it’s too tight, it wont get the best speed for the ship.In modern times it’s a term used by a ships’ skipper or pilot to a junior member of the crew who works the jib sheets.Bexs’ has the historical version down, but there’s a much more ‘Yachty’ version now.yarrrrrrrrrCapt’n Mike

  3. That guy was pretty cute, even though he was young……..fresh meat!The party was silly. Remember the deal with the keg and how pissed off Graham got?Freshman….they’ll learn.

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