Ignorant or Insolent??

I may have mentioned in a previous post, or not, my co-worker that sits beside me in the office. He insists on playing his music (80’s pop rock, fruity club mixes, Celine Dion, need I say more?!?) all day at work. Not only does he leave his IPod on shuffle all day, but he’s got speakers wired all over the office. It’s retarded.

So this morning, in a rare moment of silence, I quickly started up my Windows Media Player and threw on Demon Days (the Gorillaz… best album of 2005, by far). Not 30 seconds later, my co-worker starts up his “Friday Mix”… ugh. It’s not that I detest all of his music- I’m fairly open-minded when it comes to tunes- but did he not hear that I was playing my own music? It was like he cranked his music to spite me. If his music was contained to his own work station, I wouldn’t mind so much. But COME ON.

I really can’t tell if he’s just dim, or if he’s power tripping. I just don’t get it.

For a visual aid, here’s a pic of my desk. I just wanted to post a photo of something!


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