Locavore?? The 100-Mile Diet…


This a great article about two people in BC who vowed to eat only local food (within 100 miles) for one year. It sounds pretty easy, but sacrifices must be made, and things probably get pretty expiremental. Imagine having to give up chocolate, or curry? But there are always alternatives.

I only wish I had the stamina to adhere to a diet like this. I was trying really hard to only buy local produce, when I lived near Kensington and was able to visit the market on a regular basis. But now that I’m in Parkdale, I don’t know how easy that’s going to be. Plus it’s winter. Yuck.

I’m hoping that once spring hits, I’ll be able to visit markets like the one at Dufferin Grove and the Sunshine Garden at the CAMH. These markets tend to be expensive though. We’ll see how my finances are doing in the spring. Plus- I just can’t seem to live without my Crescendo frozen pizza!!


One thought on “Locavore?? The 100-Mile Diet…

  1. Keep in mind that “local” produce is kinda iffy. I was so into going to the St. Lawrence Market Farmer’s Market for produce early Saturday mornings, but then quickly realized that most of the farmers were from the States or had their prodice imported from the States. Most of the produce from Kensington is imported. They can buy once from a Canadian vendor and then refil the boxes with US food. BOO! Boo on my concience because DAMN I love pineapples. I love limes, I love kiwis, I love forida grapefruits… Great, now I’m hungry. Yay for dinner!!

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