Weekend Update with Kari, part deux…

Saturday night I went out… first to see off Neil, who’s returning to England after living here for a year. He’ll be missed for sure- he was a damn fun guy. We met up at The Tap on Bloor, worked our way down to Insomnia, and then they went to Footwork for some dancing.

Neil is pictured at left… Goodbye Neil!!

I didn’t join them at Footwork, but went to a “porn party” with Bex and Mike on Abell Street, and we did some dancing of our own. The party was pretty awesome, LOTS of people (it was packed shoulder to shoulder, and took a good 20 minutes to make your way to the bar), GREAT music (they had a live band with a sax player and some horns- SO sexy), drinks (3 for $10, until they ran out) and lots of skimpy costumes. It was hot!

After we headed to Duncan’s (who is very cute, as is his friend… I really hope I meet up with them again!). I made it home for around 5am. Phew! What a night. This photo pretty much sums up the Cracked Out Sunday we had…



2 thoughts on “Weekend Update with Kari, part deux…

  1. Oh man, great picture!Saturday night & Sunday morning was awesomeness! I had way too much fun, as you can tell from the pic.Dude, there was jello-wrestling at the porn party, that’s why the floor was disgusting. As if!Met sooo many cool people.Good times all around.-bex

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