Breakfast Review #1… Easy.

So- I figure now that I’m in a new neighbourhood, I need to find the local breakfast gems. I called my friend Mike, who is a self proclaimed Parkdale Buff (his words, exactly), and he suggested three places. Skyline (near the Drake), Mitzi’s Sister (a bit further west on Queen), and Easy (Queen & Roncesvalles). James and I decided to check out Easy.

I got there pretty early, and it was packed. There was no room to wait, so I stood by the door, getting batted around for a bit, until the host said to wait at the bar. He then proceeded to seat the five or six people that were waiting after me, and I was like, “Wha?!?” I asked him if he wasn’t seating me at a table because my friend hadn’t showed up yet and he said yeah. I thought that was strange.

James finally showed up, and we finally got a table. A nice one, by the front window. A bit chilly, but nice and bright. I ordered the GBLT (Guacamole, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich) with Homefries. The food totally made up for the wait. $7.95 got me a gourmet sandwich with fresh guac, crispy bacon, roma tomatoes and spring mix greens on a rosemary ciabatta. YUMMM!! The homefries were covered in rosemary too, and they were scrumptious. Bottomless cup of excellent coffee ($1.25) rounded out the meal, and I was satisfied!

SO- on a scale of 1 to 5. I’ll give the service a 2. The food a 5. The atmosphere a 4 (cool Easy Rider posters on the walls, and beautiful people all around- the host was super cute with fabu blue eyes and brown rodeo shirt, however, the place was a bit cramped). Cleanliness a 5. Cost a 3.5. Overall- Easy gets a 19.5 out of 25!

Stay tuned for more breakfast reviews.


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