Karaoke at the Gladstone

Went to the Gladstone for some Karaoke madness last night. Went home with a splitting headache. Woke up this morning, still in pain. Took two extra-fort ibuprofens. It’s just now abating.

So- was it the two pints I had? Or the loud, LOUD singing?!? LOL- who knows.

I must say though, an aquaintance of mine, Naomi, sang The Lady’s a Tramp, and she did a phenomenal job of it. She’s got some wicked pipes! I only wish I had a voice like that, and the balls to go up and sing my face off in front of a bunch of people. I’ve karaoke’ed once, with a group, about 5 years ago. It was fun, but I haven’t had the courage to do it since then. I feel it coming though. It’ll happen soon, I think! LOL


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