My newest companion…

So- after much turmoil, I finally adopted a cat. The story goes like this…

Friday morning, I called a bunch of different pet stores, asking if they had kittens for sale. Only ane answered yes, PetSmart on St. Clair Avenue, and the time to adopt was Saturday at 11am. So, I wake up Saturday morning, shower and hit Burger King for some yucky (but yummy) breakfast. I hopped on the King streetcar, transfer onto the Yonge subway line, and get off at St. Clair station (I checked the the TTC map, and it said I could get to the PetSmart by taking the bus from there). After a crazy bus ride through Mount Pleasant (lots of twists and turns- I really had NO idea where I was), I finally get to the pet store.

I walk in, go to the adoption centre, and say I’d like to adopt a kitten. I was then told that there were no kittens available! I was crushed, and pissed, because the guy I talked to on Friday (who was rude, and short with me), told me there would be kittens. The woman explained that they’re were not affiliated with the store, that they were a rescue group that just brought animals to the store on Saturdays. Apparently, the guy I spoke to should’ve given me a number to call the rescue group, but alas, no such considerations were taken. Anyways- I was on the verge of tears because I’d come from so far, and I just really wanted a kitten. The woman told me that she had some young-ish cats that I could look at. I said fine, and she plops this cow-like cat into my arms. Her name was Queenie, and she was a sweetie. So I took her home. But not before reeming out the manager of the store. Unsurprisingly, he seemed not to care very much about my experience. Meh.

Anyways- here she is! Her name is Queen Anna Belle. AKA Queenie, Beauty Queen, Pretty Lady, Little Girl, Anna Bella, etc. etc. etc. Don’t her spots look like a cow’s?!?

Here’s another pic of her royal cuteness…


2 thoughts on “My newest companion…

  1. What a cutie! I got my two cats from a Toronto Cat Rescue-sponsored event at Global Foods in High Park three years ago. They are such a joy! They still think they are kittens, though, and don’t know they are supposed to have matured and settled down by now. Ha!!My sister in Halifax is adopting a two-year-old cat named Charlie from the shelter where she voluteers on Friday.Can you tell I love kitties??!! 🙂

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