The quest has been renamed…

From The Apartment Hunt to The Kitten Hunt. I didn’t think it would be so hard to find an available kitty in the city!

The Humane Society has rejected me, since I had to “surrender” (I effing hate that word- I say “give up”) my cat Artemis a couple years ago. Artemis was, unfortunatley, none too smart, and swallowed a string. I couldn’t afford the surgery that may or may not have been able to save him, so I brought him into the Humane Society, balling my eyes out. When I went yesterday to look at the cats (there were no kittens, anyways), I told them what happened with Artemis and they said I would not be approved to adpot a new cat. They didn’t even ask me if my living situation had changed (like, if I was working the same job, or paying the same rent, etc.). Needless to say, I was little upset. I haven’t had too many good experiences with the Humane Society. I once chose a kitten from the shelter in Windsor, and when I went to pick him up the next day, I found that all the kittens were gone! I was like, “What the hell?!?” and they told me that all the kittens were euthanized because they were sick. I couldn’t believe it. “Humane” Society MY ASS.

So- I think I’ll just go and get a kitten from a pet store. Next weekend, I think, I’ll head up to the only PetSmart in the city (Eglinton and Laird) and pick up a little sweety. $80 covers shots and if it’s old enough, a fix, otherwise they give a $50 voucher for a refund once the kitten has been “altered”. How do you like word, eh? Altered. Ha!

And, once I get the beaut, you’ll see LOTS of photos. The first will be dedicated to Maria. LOL


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