We Have a Winner!!!

I finally found a place!! Ugh, I can’t believe it took me so long, and I really hope that I made the right decision. I chose this place in Parkdale. Well- King and Dufferin area anyways. I hope the neighbourhood is nice to me. It’s the only drawback. It’s a bit farther from work, but is close to a few of my friends. The bike ride into work will be long but scenic, it’s on a trail through a park for the first half (or through the empty CNE fairgrounds), and then it goes along QueenQuay, which is along the lake. It shall be nice!

The place is HUGE. Open concept living room/kitchen, with a decorative fireplace and mantel (the fireplace has a painted mosaic thing going on, it’s nice). There are three huge windows facing out to the street, two more big windows in the kitchen and another smaller window in the bedroom. The bedroom is a good size, with a big closet in it. There’s a coat closet, and a big foyer where I can put my bike.

The entrance is secure (unlike my current one- yay! no more mail being stolen!), with a buzzer system in place. I think there are laundry facilities in the house, I’m not sure if it’s coin or not, though.

AND, I can get a kitten!!

Here are some photos:


6 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!!!

  1. I’m so excited to have you over all the time now, neighbour! I’m also excited to come over to your house all the time! ALL THE TIME!!! BWAH HA HA HA! Just kidding, you know I’m totally anti-social. But it will be nice to have a friend living close. Kari, have you realized how close to High Park you are now? I was thinking about opther places you’ll be close to for cycling. High Park’s super close and so is the Lakeshore bike path! Also, you’re a quick zip up to Roncesvalles where there are a whole bunch of little mom & pop grocery stores. I can’t wait to go up there w/you. And I hope you like greasy spoons because one of my faves is up there too. Here’s to future brunch dates!

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