The hunt is still on…

I looked at a few more places, but no luck yet.

Yesterday I went to see a couple places in Parkdale. I know the neighbourhood isn’t the best, but there are some beautiful houses south of King Street, and I saw a great little basement apartment on Spencer Avenue. It was super clean, with exposed brick and parquet/ceramic tile flooring. The only problem is that it was $775- a bit on the high side. I’d like to find a place for around $700. It was really nice, though.

The other place I saw yesterday, at 131 Dunn Avenue, was SMALL and OLD. I said I wouldn’t mind a bachelor so much, but I change my mind. They’re TOO DAMN SMALL. I saw a one-bedroom there too, but it was $780, and not nearly as nice as the one on Spencer.

Yesterday on lunch I walked around my work area, looking for any “FOR RENT” signs in the windows. There was only one, at 169 Queen St. E. but there was no answer when I called. Meh.

Wednesday night I went to see a place on Mark Street, by River and Dundas. It was $650 plus hydro, the second floor of a semi-detached house. It was pretty nice… all it needed was a good cleaning and some fresh paint, and it would’ve been perfect… except for the neighbourhood. There were thugs EVERYWHERE. I’m not exaggerating. There was also another woman there looking, and she seemed like she really wanted it, so I let her have it (like it was my decision, anyways, right?!?)

Wednesday on lunch I went to see a bachelor apartment at 387 Sherbourne. Yuck. It was painted orange, and it was dirty and smelly and gross. I can’t believe how over-priced that area is.

Tonight I’m going to see a place on Pape Avenue. It looks really nice, and although it’s east of work (I was really looking for something in the west end, since that’s where most of my friends are), the price might be just right. We’ll see!

So- I’ve been fairly obsessed with finding a place. I’m hoping the search ends this weekend. I’m going to look at a couple nice (hopefully!) places in Little Italy, right in my price range. One’s near Ossington, there’s one on Shaw, and another on Montrose. I really hope I get one of those places, as I’ve gotten quite attached to my neighbourhood!


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