The apartment hunt is on…

I had a good vacation, there will be lots of photos to look at on Flickr once I get around to resizing them and uploading them.

But now, I’m back to work, and on the hunt for a reasonable affordable apartment. Last night I went to see two places, and I couldn’t believe how SHITTY they were. I got fully discouraged, and I’m a little scared of what will happen come February 1st. The first place was at Church and Isabella, just north of Wellesley. The bachelor apartment was only 350 sq. ft. (that’s about 5 meters by about 3.5 meters) and they were asking $725 + utils!! I couldn’t believe it. It was TINY. Too small.

The second one I went to see was priced a bit better ($650 incl.), but was a basement. If you were taller than me, you couldn’t live there, and it reeked of cat piss. Jesus. There was also no stove, and the main entrance was down a scary alley behind the house. It was located one block south west of Dundas and Bathurst on Andrews Avenue (which is a nice little street, very Victorian).

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I might try to convince my current neighbour to move in with me, that way we can wait ’til the spring, and hopefully save some money (if not save money, we can live in a semi-decent place). Meh. That’s if he’s alright with living with me… apparently I’m not so easy to live with. We’ll see…


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