The week so far…

Sorry for no posts recently! I found out that my step mother reads this, so HI SHIRLEY!!!

Let’s see… Tuesday my friend Julia and I went to see an advanced screening for the new movie Mrs. Henderson Presents. It was good, cute, funny in places, sombre in others. Judi Dench was spectacular as always- she’s got a wit about her, and her chemistry with Bob Hoskins was really cool to watch.
The movie was set in the 40’s during WWII, and the costumes were awesome. The set was a little questionable, and they used some genuine footage of the war, which was interesting. The way they integrated it was a little… choppy? I think there could’ve been a smoother transition between the movie and the footage.
All in all, it was an interesting film, with lots of… how shall I say… boobies in it! The premise of the movie is this: a wealthy widow is bored and buys a theatre, and to stay popular she suggests having nude women in the revue. Inspired by true events.
I don’t think I would’ve paid to see this movie- but since I won the tickets from NOW Magazine– it was well worth it!

Hmmm… what else is happening right now… Oh yeah! The Subway Party that we went to last Thursday was featured on The Hour! Thankfully, I was NOT shown on television, but James and Stef were. The video will be available to watch on The Hour’s website soon, so I’ll post a link later.

So- the snow is coming, and lucky me! I get to drive home to Windsor in it! I leave the city tomorrow at 6pm, so it should be an interested drive. With the rush hour traffic and the snow, I’m guessing it’ll take me 5 hours to get home. BAH! Oh well!!!


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