Another successful bookclub??

LOL… we never end up talking about the book! Well, not enough anyways! Last night was no exception. We ate some yummy (I hope!) stir fry that I whipped up, Maria brought over some rice, Julia picked up some delectable pastries from a Chinese bakery and Erin supplied us with the drink (Keith’s). All in all, it was a good meal! Not too much to do with the book, but still good. The book- we hummed and hawed (sp?) about it, and I think Julia was the only one that said she outright hated it. It was a good read, I thought, but nothing spectacular. Next month’s book is Casino Royale by Ian Fleming (James Bond)- it should be a good break from the norm.

Today at work was exhausting. They’ve got me in the shipping department now- I’m a regular jack of all trades around here. I hope they don’t need me in shipping too much, it sucks being on my feet all day!! I’ll sleep well tonight, that’s for sure!

BUT- before sleep, it’s the Holiday Party Train!! I’ve never been, but taking the last scheduled train from end to end with a bunch of wackos in costume sounds like a HELL of a good time!!! I’ll definitely post some pics tomorrow.


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