Congratulations and Acid Rain

It seems like I’ve been congratulating alot of people recently. Julia and Kevin just got engaged, my friend Dave just managed his first political campaign to victory, and Maria has just been sworn in as a true blue Canadian! Things seem to be going well for those surrounding me… when will it be my turn!

Wanna read a poem I just wrote?

I got a dollop of acid rain in my eye right here *points to right eyeball*
It blurred my vision, like a big fat tear
I expected it to burn, but it just felt wet
And then another fell in, so I couldn’t forget
Who was boss of the road, on tonight’s ride home
Through the mud and the muck, through the puddles of foam
In the dark, in my lane, on the side of the street
With the cars whizzing by, tooting horns, bleet bleet
My specs fogged up, and I couldn’t steer clear
Of the lakes and the ponds, but I had no fear
Instead of going ’round to avoid wet shoes
I gave in to the rain and rode right through!


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