Movie Weekend…

This weekend was all about movies for me. Friday, Maria and I went to see the new Harry Potter flick, which was really very cool. I’d just watched the first three movies last weekend, so I was itching to see the Goblet of Fire. The special effects were sweet, and the story is progressing into one that is even more enjoyable for the older crowd (which is good, since the original Harry Potter fans are growing up!) I’ve oftened wondered if this was a concsious decision on Rowling’s part. Did she write the first story, knowing that the characters would age in sync with her readers? I like to think so. I don’t think any kind of media is released without thought for future financial gains. Tis the business!

And today, my good friend Becky and I took a walk down to the Royal Theatre on College and saw The March of the Penguins. It’s a documentary following a year in the life of the Emporer Penguin, in Antarctica. It almost made me cry, and I chuckled a bit at a couple of scenes, but was a little let down. I’d heard some excellent reviews, and maybe had my hopes up too high. Morgan Freeman did an wonderful job of narrating, and I definitely commend the film makers- I can’t even imagine trying to operate a camera in -80º F temperatures!! Wouldn’t that eff up the film?!?


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