So- today I found out that my roommate is looking for other accomodations. Hmp. She’s moving in with her boyfriend, which is fine with me, I just hate feeling like I don’t have control of my life. Or at least major aspects of my life, like where I’m living. It went from her wanting me to move out so her bf could move in (to which I said no), to perhaps him moving in with us until I was ready to move out (next spring), to her telling me they’re looking at apartments for December 1st. I was like, “Were you going to give me some notice?” and she said of course. Well- being friends, I would’ve expected a little more conversation about it. Perhaps I’m expecting too much of my friends? Who knows…

Tonight we’re hitting Andy Poolhall for some half-price billiards. I could definitely do with a pint and some whacking of balls.


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