Wasn’t today just beautiful?!? I spent the whole summer (well, not fully, but alot of time was spent) looking for the perfect spot to relax and read outside in downtown Toronto during my lunch, and today- on probably the last “spend your lunch outside” day of the year- I found it! Behind The Courthouse, on Court Lane, there’s a sweet little parkette (not parakeet), with fountains and trellises and lots of trees. It’s super nice, and only a 5 minute walk from work. Perhaps tomorrow will be nice enough to go again? We’ll see I guess…

For bookclub, we’re reading Haunted, by Chuck Palahniuk. Jesus this book is weird. It’s so weird, I don’t think I’ll read anything else by Palahniuk… honestly! It’s the goriest book I’ve read, and I’ve read alot. I should’ve known, he did write Fight Club, which I couldn’t watch because of all the violence. I just don’t see the point. But I’m sure I’ll be enlightened at this month’s bookclub meeting.

So- this why I love Sneaky Dee’s. We went there on Saturday for dinner (I split the King’s Crown Nachos- no meat, no jalapenos- with Bex, which was fabulous as always), and I ended up forgetting my hat there. I didn’t even notice it was gone until Tuesday, when I wanted to wear it in the rain. I couldn’t believe it, my all-time favourite hat, gone (see pic, graciously modeled by my ugly doll Babu). And I figured it gone forever, since I left it at Sneak’s. But lo and behold, when I stopped there yesterday after work, they had my hat for me behind the bar! I was ecstatic! The bartender actually laughed at me because I was so happy! And that’s one of the many reasons I love Sneaky Dee’s.


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