Holy Smokes! Things at work are so crazy now… people are quitting left and right, and instead of hiring more people, my supervisor is shuffling us around! So- from now until Christmas, instead of coming into the job a know and love everyday, I’ll be invoicing… the most boring, banal, mind-numbing labour of all. Oh- and I get to answer phone calls from irrate customers. BAH!

I have to tell you about my dream last night.
The first thing I remember is eating pizza with my family in my kitchen back home. Except that in the place of the garbage can was a toilet, and my mom was there (she passed away 6 years ago). So, I was on the toilet, and my mother offered me a slice of pizza and when I refused because I was “in the middle of something” she got all offended and through the pizza down and stormed out. I wonder what that means??
The next thing I remember, my brother was living above the garage (this was not at my home, it was a place I’d never seen before), and I went up to visit him there. I don’t remember anything else from that scene, except were clothing racks of his old shirts and hats and I was trying them on).
But this is the crazy part. I was with my friends Jay and Mark (old friends, that I haven’t spoken to in like, 5 years), and we were driving out of the city (Windsor) to my house (in Essex). All of a sudden, there’s flood waters everywhere! But the odd thing was, the fireworks were still going. Then I hear a LOUD BOOM and I look back, and there’s a huge fire at some old warehouse (a building I vaguely remember from somewhere, but I can’t place it). Then fires start breaking out all over the place, and I see a huge explosion. I remember screaming (and hearing someone else scream, which I think was me in real life, cause it was a quiet squeezed out scream like when you’re trying to be quiet, since I was sleeping, weird, eh?). Anyways- I remember screaming and then the flood waters were coming up all around us. And there was this baglady on a bike/shopping cart in front of us riding through the flood waters.
And then I heard my roommate’s cat crying outside my bedroom door and woke up.
Crazy. A nice change from the regular tornado nightmares I normally have though.


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