So- the rest of the weekend was as crazy as I thought it would be.

The party we went to Saturday night ($30 per ticket, all you can drink) ended up being a complete bust. A fight broke out behind the bar (still not sure how that happened), involving four guys and two girls (and I think half of them were the people actually hosting the do), and it got so bad the hired security guys fled the building. That was clue number one we should get the hell out of there fast, but sure enough, the cops had arrived and weren’t letting anyone out. It was completely ridiculous. I was pissed, cause I hadn’t drank anywhere near $30 in booze! I knew it was too good to be true.

Once the coppers let us out, my neighbour James and I headed to a couple other parties, and the night ended up being fun enough. We got home at 5am (4am?) after walking around downtown all night, greeting other Hallowe’ener’s. Fortunately, I felt good enough to go grocery shopping on Sunday, which was the only thing required of me to do all day. Food is necessary!


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