Oh- what a crazy weekend this is, and it’s not even half over!

Yesterday was a shitty day at work- my boss keeps telling me I need to get more work done, but I’m trying the best I can. And unfortunately my job is set up so that the inefficiency of my co-workers affects my productivity. ARGH! Inventory count is happening today, so hopefully once that is done, my boss will lighten up a bit.

So last night, we had a little Halloween BBQ. We decorated the patio and carved pumpkins, and had some drinks and burgers. It was a great time! About 10:30, I get a call from a co-worker, and he was checking up on me because I was upset at work and had left early without saying goodbye to him! What a nice guy! I couldn’t believe it… but I hope I didn’t say anything inappropriate- I was a little drunk! Oh well…

After the BBQ we went to the Spin Gallery for a Halloween party. It was pretty cool- awesome tunes (our friend Neil was spinning some great beats) and a bunch of excellent costumes! Lots of skanky hoes, too. I’m not sure when the purpose of Halloween strayed from dressing up in spooky costumes to dressing in as little clothing as possible and calling yourself a schoolgirl or a sexy alien. It was a little disappointing to learn that the organizers had hired some gogo girls, and I ended up loosing my new black shrug, but besides that- it was a great time!

Tonight is the much anticipated Vampirella, Loft of Blood Halloween party on Adelaide Street West. It’s a private event, but 125 tickets were sold so it’s gonna be fabulous. I’ve heard it’s going to be pretty messy actually- tickets were $30 all you can drink!


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