So today I had my writing class. “Creating Short Stories”, it’s called. So far it’s been good, but some of the people in the class just seem so self-righteous! And tonight I found out why. Some of the people have previously taken the “Expressive Writing” class, and apparently that makes them better than the rest of us. Or this could just be me being self-defensive. Whatever…

Anyways- tonight we learned about point of view. 10 points to whoever can define the Essayist/Omniscent narrative. We also learned about some other tools. 20 points to whoever can define Meta-Fiction. No Google allowed! LOL…

This is Hallowe’en! This is Hallowe’en!
This year I’m being a Robot Witch from the 19th Century. Will definitely be silly-icious!


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  1. Omniscent narrative: Is it the narrator who is present all over the book, even if he is not a part of the story. He knows what happens to each of the characters? 10 points for me?

  2. Almost… the Essayist/Omniscent narrator is one who knows all about all the characters, but also has an opinion about them, as opposed to the Authorial/Omniscent narrator, who is like god, and knows everything about everyone, but isn’t allowed to have a personality, or opinions. It sounded much more interesting when the teacher was explaining it. LOLAnyways- 5 points for getting it half right!

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