So let’s see… today I got up, neglected to dress myself sufficiently for this horrendous weather we’re suffering through, and rode my bike to work.

It was a chilly ride, and not without the usual B.S. Cyclists who run red lights, resulting in my having to pass them- again- are so annoying. Cars that insist in parking in bike lane, now that’s irritating. But people that yell at you for ringing your bell- that takes the cake. The fact that they get offended by your warning to them is a little unsettling. It’s just a wee bell!

Work was normal- two greeting cards were passed around today- and we’re having a potluck on Thursday. Gotta love office potlucks… I’m bringing Caesar salad to this one- store-bought, of course.

This one co-worker is having a problem with another co-worker (neither are me, I swear). The one hovers around the other, waiting to “talk”- which means he’ll pour his heart out to her and she’ll care as much as a Republican cares about the dolphins. The guy is intense, and depressed, and just wants to talk. She doesn’t want to be that person for him. So we (her co-workers) hear about it. What do I tell her? What should she say to him? It’s a sticky situation, especially now that the girl is single. Not my problem, though, really- now is it! Oh- I’m horrible…

Tuna melts and fries from the oven for dinner. Yum- but not quite as good as mom used to make. My neighbour made this wicked salsa from the left over green tomatoes from the garden, with apples, onions, cilantro, garlic, cinnamon, sugar, salt, and a bunch of other stuff my tastebuds couldn’t sort out. It was sensational (actually, we dubbed it James’ Sensational Fresca Salsa). James is the king of food experimentation.

And then I worked hard at getting this blog up and running.
It’s been a long time coming.

*hey man, good tune*
“Weatherman wet fingers the sky…”


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