A Fun and Easy, Silly Housewarming Gift

So you’ve just moved into your first apartment, and your refrigerator is looking less like a shining stainless steel home for sustenance, and more like a giant olive-coloured eyesore taking up precious space. Once you’ve rearranged your furniture eight times to get the placement just right, and stocked the fridge with actual food and drink, it’s time to spruce up your living space with some custom art work.

You probably don’t have the funds to splurge on any sort of major wall art just yet, but adding a little splash of colour and humour doesn’t have to break the bank. Besides, it’s the small, personal touches that make a house a home. Consider a set of smaller framed prints that you can hang in whatever arrangement you find most pleasing, or our Instagram hanging display that perfectly shows off 18 of your 4″x4″ square cell phone pics.

Apart from decorating your new home on a budget, another challenge you might come across is keeping your finances organized. Many of us receive bills and promptly toss the notice onto an ever-growing pile of mail, forgetting what deadlines have to be met and ultimately stressing ourselves out. Here’s a fun and unique way of making sure your cable/hydro/water doesn’t get cut!

If you have a cell phone, you’ve most likely hopped on the selfie bandwagon and mastered the art of the self-portrait, with a wide range of expressions on your face. Why not have fun with those expressions and use them as a hilarious reminder for bill payment purposes? For instance:

billpaymentselfie01 A magnet showing an appealing photo of you with a happy smile on your face would indicate these bills are not due for a while, and thus, you have no need to worry about them. You could also hang invites and receipts using this magnet (unless the invite is to a funeral, or the receipt is for a new transmission, or some other miserable expense).
billpaymentselfie02 Bills placed under a magnet with a less-than-stellar portrait of you are a little more pressing. Depending on how much you like to cook, this could be where your grocery list goes, too.
billpaymentselfie03 Now we’re getting into second notice territory. Note the acknowledgment of impending doom on my face.
billpaymentselfie04 Finally, we’ve got the look of terror, which is reserved for overdue credit card or utility bills/letters from your in-laws that need to be answered. Hopefully you don’t have anything hanging beneath this magnet!

Instagram_2x2magnetsYou can create a set of four 2″x2″ magnets quickly and easily at Black’s, and the cost is just $12.99. This is a fantastic, affordable housewarming gift you can make for yourself, your partner, a friend or family member; a small personal touch that will add a bit of humour to anyone’s kitchen or office!


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